Our Story

Nestled in the backyard of the heart of 7MB, Ms. Piper’s is a space that welcomes our guests with joy. An ode to the sweet life in the sunlight, where magic thrums in the air. A curated tropical backyard that feels good.

Her cottage features a show kitchen, a secret garden with a pool, intimate nooks and an outdoor bar. This garden has a passage connecting to the Caribbean sea.

We want to believe that Ms. Piper arrived in the Island in the 70’s and her house is a collection of the life she has lived – her cottage has remained distinct while progress has developed around her. We are celebrating the art of stylish and effortless home entertainment through the senses of a fictional feminine character.

Live a little

Set in the backyard within the heart of 7MB, Ms. Piper’s cottage is a collection of keepsakes of her travels, inspiring our dishes, cocktails, décor, music and thoughtful details.

Her kitchen is a testament of a journey greatly lived. An imprint of the cultural and spiritual life she has pursued and enjoyed. A celebration of graceful aging; that is abundant and eternal. We are creating a meaningful space with a nod to the free spirits, the stylish vagabonds, the young at heart and effortless feminine energy.